Carpet Fitters



Carpet Fitters

Carpet fitters are something we all may use at some point in our lives but it can work out expensive so we have taken the time to list fitters who achieve high standards of work at competitive prices.

Carpet fitting can also involve laying floors and their work can involve fitting carpets or floor tiles in commercial premises to laying laminate flooring in residential homes.

Most jobs are priced according to the size of the area and the type of floor covering required.

Most of their jobs include measuring up the available space and estimating the amount of material needed, clearing the area of furniture and taking off doors, removing old flooring, levelling the bare floor underneath for a more even finish and fitting the new floor covering.


Carpet fitting is classed as a medium risk occupation due to the demands of cutting, gluing, pinning and fastening by way of a variety of tools so knowing current health and safety rules and using common sense are all important.



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