If your home needs re-wiring or you need a fuse box fitted then look no further for qualified and professional electricians.


An electrician can fit, test and repair electrical circuits and wiring found in homes and businesses. Their work can range from fitting an electric shower in a client’s home to laying cabling in a new office development.


Some of the other tasks they perform on a day to day basis include fitting wiring sockets and points, laying wiring along wall cavities and through ceilings and floors and mounting back boxes onto walls for plugs and sockets.

For larger scale projects for example office blocks and other commercial buildings they can tackle anything from inspecting and testing wiring and electrical equipment to installing security systems and fire alarms.

Because of the hazardous nature of their job, a good electrician is trained to work safely and to take measures to minimise injury to them and others.


As well as being qualified, the reputable electricians we recommend are certified with British Standard BS 7671.



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